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Refrigeration Plant Operator - eBook 3 [Ed. 4]

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eBook + Resources • Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4 - Book 3 Refrigeration Plant Support Systems – eBook

Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4 - Book 3 Refrigeration Plant Support Systems – eBook

Book 3: Refrigeration Plant Support Systems

The Refrigeration Plant Support Systems book is divided into six units and will help you comprehend how secondary systems make the operation of the refrigeration plant possible.

The first unit presents fluid handling technology in two chapters, which provide a detailed look at piping and valves. The next unit discusses communications, plant maintenance, and administration. The third unit highlights welding processes and inspection. Next, the book covers electricity over three chapters and includes the basics of electricity, DC motor characteristics, and AC motor speed control. Another unit describes pumps and compressors, with two chapters on the various types of pumps and their operation and maintenance. The following two chapters discuss compressor classifications and examine how compressors are operated and maintained. This book concludes with three chapters on water treatment as it applies to cooling and recirculation systems including condensers and cooling towers.

By the end of this book you will have a comprehensive understanding of how secondary support systems provide an environment for the refrigeration plant to operate effectively and efficiently.

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