About Us

PanGlobal Training Systems is the leading publisher of paper and web-based technical learning materials designed specifically for thermal energy industries and validated by third-party certifying bodies. PanGlobal is owned by 3 Canadian colleges which collectively graduate 2500 thermal energy professionals each year and have been developing and delivering learning materials to these stakeholders since 1917. Called Power Engineers, these professionals uniquely require the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently operate and maintain power and thermal processing equipment and systems.

PanGlobal’s vision is to not only meet the needs of the North American market but to supply effective learning materials to an ever expanding global audience. PanGlobal delivers the right product for your needs, today and in the future.

In the world of technical training, priorities are constantly changing. Educators must be flexible in how they meet their clients’ needs. Learners are no longer defined as just face-to-face. Learning delivery must continue to satisfy the needs of the traditional classrooms but must also satisfy those distance learners in full online and blended environments. To most effectively serve all learners, educators must deliver current and appropriate information to students in ways that maximize their learning experiences and their chances for success. The required learning needs may involve acquiring both skills and knowledge; the mix is often dependent on corporate or regulatory necessities. Skills are most effectively gained at the worksite while the required knowledge is increasingly necessary to bridge the gap between practical and theoretical comprehension of the equipment and systems.

In 2003, three Technical Institutes in British Columbia and Alberta, long the leaders in learning delivery for this profession, took the extraordinary step of combining their intellectual assets into one commercial vehicle (now PanGlobal Training Systems) to design, develop and deliver learning materials to the Power Engineering stakeholders of North America and the world. This bold initiative provides educators, industries, regulators and learners with a singular learning material resource of learning materials designed and built from the perspective of more than 90 years of successful delivery to this profession.

PanGlobal provides text based and online learning resources to meet the knowledge requirements for operator certification across North America. Our six, competency based Core programs include more than 16,000 pages of text in 28 volumes. From these core materials, many of our custom compilation products have been approved for use in multiple jurisdictions and individual corporate or educator programs. Language editions include English, French and Spanish and versions are available in both SI and USCS units of measurement. Our full featured LMS platform supports more than 35,000 individual and instructor-led online learners. PanGlobal learning materials are approved in Canada by the Interprovincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee (IPECC), the Standardization of Power Engineers' Examination Committee (SOPEEC), and the Association of Chief Inspectors (ACI). PanGlobal's US focused products are approved for the national certification programs of the National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers (NIULPE) as well as a number of State certifications.

In Canada the Institute of Power Engineers (IPE), a professional organization of Power Engineers and people working in related fields, has endorsed PanGlobal learning materials for its members. In the United States, the National Association of Power Engineers (NAPE) has done the same.