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Refrigeration Plant Operator - eBook 2 [Ed. 4]

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eBook + Resources • Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4 - Book 2 Applied Concepts of Refrigeration – eBook

Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4 - Book 2 Applied Concepts of Refrigeration – eBook

Book 2: Applied Concepts of Refrigeration

Applied Concepts of Refrigeration covers refrigeration topics in detail and provides a mathematical understanding of how refrigeration systems work.

The concepts in the first unit of this book establish the fundamental understanding needed for refrigeration. The chapters in the first unit cover mass, force, acceleration, work, pressure, power, and energy, along with the calculations to support your understanding of these concepts. The next topic defines the laws and terminology of thermodynamics. Subsequently, this book details the process of heat transfer and explains how heat exchangers are designed and constructed. This unit also introduces you to refrigeration basics with some mathematical concepts to aid in your understanding.

The next unit provides a comprehensive description of compression refrigeration systems. This unit also covers system control and plant operation, and a later chapter discusses the refrigeration plant maintenance involved in the operation of the plant. A subsequent chapter takes a look at the absorption refrigeration system and explores how the system functions and where it is used in the industry. The book concludes with a chapter on ammonia refrigerant safety.

By the end of this book, you will be able to perform calculations that involve basic physics and thermodynamics concepts. You will also have a comprehensive understanding of heat transfer, heat exchangers, refrigeration systems and their components, and individual refrigerants, and you will understand how these aspects function together to remove heat from a product or space.

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Important Note: The Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4 set is the only single source of learning materials that encompasses the topics required to successfully prepare for the following examinations:

  • The interprovincial Refrigeration Operator Certificate of Competency
  • The TSSA Refrigeration Operator Class B Operating Engineer Certification