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Essentials of Power Engineering Textbook Set (USCS) [Ed 2]

Book • Essentials of Power Engineering Textbooks (Edition 2.0)

Entry level Power Engineers work in a wide range of plant environments: power generation, chemical, petrochemical, pulp/paper/wood product, manufacturing, and food and beverage processing.

The Essentials Textbook Set is structured to prepare students for an introductory role as a Power Engineer and to meet the local jurisdictional testing requirements. The Essentials Textbook Set is approved by NIULPE.

This set contains 4 books (two for Part A and two for Part B).

Please check directly with your jurisdictional accrediting authority to confirm the exact credit given toward your certification for completion of a course of study involving this learning material.

This version of the 2.0 Edition also includes unique access to additional online resources including both learning media and computer graded Self Assessments.

The self assessments include:

  • Chapter Tests – 576 unique tests (3 for each chapter with 10 questions each)
  • Unit Tests – 90  unique tests (3 for each unit with 20 questions each)
  • Comprehensive (Part A, Part B) Tests – 6 unique tests (3 for each Exam with 150 questions each)