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Essentials of Power Engineering Textbook Set (USCS) [Ed 2]

Book + Resources • Essentials of Power Engineering Textbooks (Edition 2.0)

Entry level Power Engineers work in a wide range of plant environments: power generation, chemical, petrochemical, pulp/paper/wood product, manufacturing, and food and beverage processing.

The Essentials Textbook Set is structured to prepare students for an introductory role as a Power Engineer and to meet the local jurisdictional testing requirements. The Essentials Textbook Set is approved by NIULPE.

This set contains 4 books (two for Part A and two for Part B).

Please check directly with your jurisdictional accrediting authority to confirm the exact credit given toward your certification for completion of a course of study involving this learning material.

This version of the 2.0 Edition also includes unique access to additional online resources including both learning media and computer graded Self Assessments.