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Academic Supplement 2.0

Book • Academic Supplement [ED 2.0]

The Academic Supplement Edition 2.0 is the ideal companion for learners studying Power Engineering in SI Units, as well as for Graduate and Operating Engineers looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date Engineering Reference. This 127-page volume contains the following sections:

  • Handbook of Formulae and Physical Constants
  • Steam Tables in SI Units
  • Properties of Refrigerants in SI Units with fold-out Psychrometric Chart

Edition 2.0 addresses technological change by incorporating updated content, and supports the latest editions of PanGlobal texts, including the 4th Class Edition 3. 

The Academic Supplement Edition 2.0 has a revised refrigeration section featuring:

  • Refrigerant data conforms consistently to ASHRAE data protocols
  • New, easier to read charts and tables
  • Extensive super heat tables
  • Data for refrigerants currently in use, including natural refrigerants

In addition to these changes, Edition 2.0 has an up-to-date periodic table with more useful data. Other changes have made it easier for learners to apply formulas, and physical constants have been re-validated.