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Fundamental Physical Science Workbook (USCS)

Book • Fundamental   Physical Sciences Workbook (Ed. 1.0)
A valuable self-study resource for those requiring additional practice with basic mathematics and physical sciences questions at the 4th Class and 3rd Class levels of study. Contains over 600 problems and worked solutions from 25 Power Engineering areas. This workbook is intended for use by operators who need extra practice with mathematics. This workbook was written for people who learn best through repeated practice of problem-solving skills. Power Engineers refreshing their skills or upgrading their license will find this workbook extremely useful, as will freshman Engineering and Industrial Technologies students.
This 245 page workbook contains over 600 problems and worked solutions from 25 subject areas. Designed as a study aid, it is intended for use as a supplement to core course resources. Problems in each chapter are presented in graduated series (easiest to hardest), making the workbook easy to use.