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3rd Class - CATE (Class Applied Training Engagement)

Book • IPE 3 rd Class CATE Task Competency Logbook
This book is a competency guide and sign-off logbook for 3rd Class work experience. The Class Applied Training Engagement (CATE) Manual provides both Trainees and Employers with a portable, standardized, and validated record of demonstrated on-the-job competencies, and aligns practical and theoretical knowledge at the Third Class level. The training standard guidelines in this publication are intended as a reference to clarify minimum hands-on training requirements at the Third Class level for Trainees, Instructors, and Companies. Content was developed by members of the IPE in consultation with industrial and learning institutions from across Canada.

Task-competencies contained in this publication support the SOPEEC Standardized Syllabus by aligning on-the-job tasks with the corresponding knowledge requirements. Trainees are encouraged to complete as many of the tasks as is possible in their plant. However, completion of these tasks is not required for certification. Certification depends on successful completion of the Third Class Certification examinations in their local jurisdiction.