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Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook Set [Ed. 1)

Book + Resources • Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook (Ed. 1)
The Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook comprises subject matter essential to Boiler Operators and will familiarize individuals with the related knowledge and concepts. This set includes two volumes focused on the technical knowledge required for a Boiler Operator (Fireman).

Topics covered include:

   Introduction to Thermodynamics
   Introduction to Boilers, Steam Heating, and Hot Water Heating
   Boiler Operations
   Water Treatment
   Electric Controls
   Building Services

Note: This product has been created as a general technical manual and may not meet the certification requirements in your jurisdiction. Check certification requirements for your jurisdiction through your local safety authority. For individuals certifying as a Fireman Boiler Operator in the province of Saskatchewan, please refer to the Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan.