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Preparatory Math Topics for Power Engineering [Ed. 1]

Book • Preparatory Math Topics for Power Engineering (1st Edition)

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Preparatory Math Topics for Power Engineering provides a comprehensive review and validation of the math skills required for the success of those entering or re-entering the Power Engineer certification process. The content is appropriate for those studying entry level Power Engineering courses, such as:

  • Fifth Class Power Engineering
  • Fourth Class Power Engineering
  • Refrigeration Plant Operator
  • Limited Power Engineer’s (Fireman)
  • Special Boiler Operator

As well, this volume is a great math refresher for those studying for their next-higher class of Power Engineering.

This book provides several new features that are also in the PanGlobal Fourth Class Edition 3 texts:

  • Margin references to formulae found in the PanGlobal Academic Supplement Edition 2.0
  • Numerous Self-Tests, located within the context of the supporting text
  • Comprehensive pull-out Knowledge Exercises, organized by chapter and objective, suitable for use as hand-in assignments
  • Additional, in-book, lined pages for note-taking, rough sketches, or calculations
  • Perfect bound and three-hole punched for convenience and portability.