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PE 3rd Class eBook - Part B2 (Edition 2.5)

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The Power Engineering Third Class course is designed for Fourth‐Class Power Engineers who wish to advance their careers, upgrade their knowledge, and prepare for the third‐class certification exams. This volume is intended for students preparing to challenge Part B2 of the Third‐Class Power Engineer Certificate of Competency Examination.

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Features and upgrades:

  • Online learning media
  • New template
  • Latest codes, standards, and regulations
  • Clarifications and corrections

Important Note
The Power Engineering Third Class Part B2 (Edition 2.5) eBook is the fourth in a four‐volume set. This set and the Power Engineering Third Class (Edition 2.0) set are the only sources of learning materials approved by both IPECC and SOPEEC to meet the syllabus and curriculum standards required to successfully prepare for Third‐Class Power Engineer Certificate of Competency Examinations.