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  • 4th Class Textbook Set - Part A [Ed. 3.5] Printed Book

    4th Class Textbook Set - Part A [Ed. 3.5]

    Price C$579.00

    The Fourth Class Power Engineering Edition 3.5 textbooks are designed for entry-level Power Engineers who are preparing to challenge Part A and Part B of the SOPEEC Inter-Provincial Fourth Class examinations (2017 Revised Syllabus). This set of learning materials contains twelve 3-hole punched unit-based books.

    These books feature:

    • Up-to-date content
    • Full-colour illustrations
    • Pull-out assignment sheets with questions
    • Cross-referenced technical glossary terms and definitions
    • Numerous context-embedded Self Tests
    • Margin icons to enhance the learner experience
    • Perfect-binding (no coils)
    Purchase of the textbook set also includes 12 months of unique access to additional online resources related to the Part A content, including both learning media & computer graded Self Assessments.

    Important Note: The following sets are the only single source set of learning materials approved by both IPECC & SOPEEC to meet the Syllabus & Curriculum standards required to successfully prepare for the 4th Class National Certification Examinations:

    • Fourth Class Part A (Ed. 3.5)
    • Fourth Class Part A (Ed. 3)
    • Fourth Class Part B (Ed. 3)
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  • 4th Class Workbook - Part A [Ed. 3.5] Printed Book

    4th Class Workbook - Part A [Ed. 3.5]

    Price C$145.00
    Single volume workbook complete with revisions to align with the inclusion of errata and corrections in the Fourth Class Part A Edition 3.5 textbooks.

    Numerical answers to the workbook questions are included within the workbook and are available for reference under Answers/Solutions within MyPower.

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